New to Persona-Mini this season, we are more than excited to introduce Hyros. 
An innovative double face Junior Jacket in real goose down, capable of enhancing the quality of materials, comfort and design creativity in a unique way.
Children and teens are full of dreams and energies, which express in a thousand ways: with sport, play, dance, art, love for animals. Growing means discovering one's uniqueness and enhancing it, sharing positive emotions, ideas and values with your group of friends.
The reversible Hyros down jackets enhance the inspiration of our boys, thanks to a unique contemporary design and its reversibility, which allows you to always have two jackets in one.
The Hyros duvets stimulate the creativity of our children in everyday clothing to face the day in the way they like and that reflects them.
hy-wtr18-001 hy-wtr18-002 hy-wtr18-003
Hyros Girls Winterparka/
Daunenjacke in schwarz

215,00 € 
Hyros Girls Winterparka/
Daunenjacke in oliv

215,00 € 
Hyros Jungen Winterparka/
Daunenjacke in marineblau

215,00 € 
hyros-2022-04.1 hyros-2022-05.1 hyros-2022-06.1
Hyros Girls Wendejacke mit Daunen in türkis
115,00 € - %%%
Hyros Girls Wendejacke mit Daunen in weiß
115,00 € - %%%
Hyros Girls Wendejacke mit Daunen in lila
115,00 € - %%%
hyros-2022-07.1 hyros-2022-08.1  
Hyros Boys Wendejacke mit Daunen in grün
115,00 € - %%%
Hyros Boys Wendejacke mit Daunen in marineblau
115,00 € - %%%


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