Zecchino d'Oro

Zecchino d'Oro



Zecchino d’Oro’s unigue style plays with the tradition and renews it naturally. There are plenty of shoes for stylish children, where the quality of materials and the craftmanship combine comfort, workmanship and sophisticated details – such as the wide assortimentof removable fringes. Small masterpieces to wear for any special emotional time. With Zecchino d`Oro you make sure to choose beautiful shoes, designed to improve the welfare of the foot and its correct development according to the principles of modern ergonomics.

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Zecchino d`Oro hoher
Budapester Stiefel
Lammfell/Leder blau
174,00 €
Zecchino d`Oro hoher
Budapester Stiefel
Lammfell/Nubukleder grau
181,50 €
Zecchino d`Oro Chelsea Boots Budapester Lammfell/Leder schwarz
ab 164,00 €

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Zecchino d`Oro hoher Budapester Stiefel Lammfell/Leder grau
119,50 € - %%%
Zecchino d`Oro hoher Budapester Stiefel Lammfell/Leder schwarz
119,50 € - %%%
Zecchino d`Oro Klettsneaker
mit Fell dunkelblau
161,50 €

ZE-wtr16.17-004 ZE-wtr16.17-005 ZE-wtr16.17-006
Zecchino d`Oro Stiefelette Lammfell/Leder Schlangenprint
104,50 € - %%%
Zecchino d`Oro Stiefelette Budapester Leder blau
104,50 € - %%%
Zecchino d`Oro Budapester Winterstiefel/Boots Lammfell beige
127,00 € - %%%

Zecchino d`Oro Budapester Stiefel Altrosa Leder
96,50 € - %%%